My Educational Tools

Kyle Coughlin has designed and created several online interactive educational tools.

MetronomeBot is a series of free online metronomes which speak the beat, subdivide, and click in different meters. Also, there are links to purchase the MP3 files (very inexpensively) so that you can turn your iPod or MP3 player into a metronome.

RhythmBot is a site that teaches the basic aspects of rhythm including the beat, tempo, meter, time signature, note values, and music notation through the use of musical examples and interactive exercises.

Clarinet Chart is a group of interactive fingering charts which use pictures of a clarinet instead of the stand “circles and dots” that have been standard for so many years. The fingering charts are very clear and easy to understand for beginners. Also, two of the charts play the pitch of each note so you can check yourself to see if you are using the correct fingering.

Clarinet Space has several helpful educational tools for clarinetists of all levels, including pitch name games, practice suggestions, and scale and arpeggio sheets.

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