Practice Suggestions and Reminders

Things to Remember:

To become a better musician requires quantity of practice and QUALITY practice. Practicing badly for an hour can lead to bad habits that will prevent you from playing music well.
When you practice, make sure you are playing your music accurately.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Accurate Repetition

I think that the phrase "accurate repetition" represents the two most important words for successful practice. Repeat something accurately until it is effortless and it will stick with you. It is always good to take small sections and phrases and isolate them, repeating them accurately. When you do that, the next time you play that piece or section of a piece, it will be easier.

Simple Steps to Learning a New Piece of Music
It is crucial to learn music accurately from the beginning. Practice does NOT necessarily make perfect! If you practice something wrong then you will perform it wrong. This PDF gives you very Simple Steps to learn new music accurately, helping you become a better musician every day.

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