Proper Reed Care

1. Write on the reed the date of the first time that you play it. That way, you will always know exactly how long you have had it. Also, write a number on each reed, so you can distinguish between each one.

2. Rotate your reeds and play on a different reed each day.
Save your best reeds for your lessons and for performances.

3. Always remove the reed from the mouthpiece when you are finished practicing or performing. Clean it off and put it in your reed holder.

4. If you are playing Legere reeds, make sure to leave the sticker on the reed, so you know what strength to buy the next time you need to replace them.

Reed Setup Guidelines
Make sure the reed is the right height and centered on the mouthpiece. If the reed is slightly off-center or too high or low, it can drastically effect how well the reed plays.

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