Kyle Coughlin has created many educational websites for musicians, students, teachers, and children. Read each description for more information, and follow the links to access each site.

Children’s Education:Fluffy and Ivy are Two Happy Bears

Fluffy and Ivy are two happy bears who like to help children learn the letters of the alphabet. The website includes information on their books, as well as images to help children learn the letters, coloring pages, videos, and more.

Music Tools and Education:

MetronomeBot is an interactive online metronome that counts the beats, subdivides the beat, clicks in different meters, has sleigh-bell sounds, and offers encouragement to practicing students.

www.Rhythm-In-Music.comRhythm In Music with RhythmBot
Rhythm In Music is a very thorough introduction to the terms and concepts related to rhythm. It includes twenty-two lessons with more than 450 practice patterns. Musical terms like beat, tempo, meter, note values, and much more are explained in detail. Audio clips of the practice patterns in the Fundamentals of Rhythm book are on this site.

Over 100 free PDF examples of printable sheet music can be found here. Portrait and landscape versions of single staff, double staff, grand staff, and more are available in many different staff sizes and number of staves per page.

The easiest to use clarinet fingering charts online, scales and technical exercises, and simple music for students to play.

The basic elements of music and music theory, explained in simple terms, focusing on sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, and form.

A stepwise approach to learning how to improvise. The site features simple exercises to develop your skills as a melodic improviser and focuses on element of music at a time.

Christmas Music:Christmas carols and music for all instruments

Over two dozen standard Christmas carol lead sheets with melody and chords. The site includes lyrics and arrangements of each carol in many keys so that band and string instruments can perform the songs together.

The site features several Christmas carols written specifically for the clarinet, with play-along recordings for each one.


The publishing website of KyleCoughlin, offering each of his educational books, as well as many learning tools.

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