Links to some great musicians, and music resources.

Kyle Coughlin's Educational Websites:
The easiest to read clarinet fingering charts on the web
MetronomeBot, a free, fun online talking metronome
Talking metronomes
Subdividing metronomes
Rhythm-In-Music.com, teaching the fundamentals of rhythm, with over 450 patterns to practice
TheClarinet.net, an educational site for clarinetists of all levels
Music-Paper.com, free blank staff paper with many choices of staff size and number of staves per page

Kyle Coughlin's Publications:
SkyLeap Music

Kyle Coughlin Music Facebook page

Friends and Colleagues:
Junkyard Saints
Lou Rainone, piano
Jeff Reed, bass
Gemini Piano Trio
Ben Myers, cello
Steve Herberman, guitar
Terell Stafford, trumpet
Alex Norris, trumpet
John Blount, trumpet
Todd Butler, trumpet
George Colligan, piano
Dave Tucker, drums
Michael Raitzyk, guitar
Al Maniscalco, saxophone
Scott Paddock, saxophone
Melissa Lindon, flute

Some Great, Inspiring Performers
Chris Potter
Jerry Bergonzi
Pat Metheny
Michael Brecker
Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Chick Corea

Important Musical Equipment
Legere Reeds
Richard Hawkins Mouthpieces

Musical Organizations:
The International Clarinet Association

Great Information Sites:
Clarinet Space

The Clarinet Cache
Stephen Fox Clarinets
National Association for Music Education