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The Two Happy Bears
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The Two Happy BearsLearn the Alphabet with Fluffy and Ivy

Fluffy and Ivy are two happy bears who help children learn the letters of the alphabet, and more. The Learning the Letter series features illustrations, poems, text, music, and sound effects by Kyle Coughlin. You can find out more about the books at www.TwoHappyBears.com.

Beginning Jazz Wind Studies

These books and recordings are created for beginner to intermediate students who want to learn the basics of jazz style, rhythm, and articulation. The books are in two volumes and have been written for the clarinet, alto saxophone, and tenor saxophone. The recordings are all available online for free at www.SkyLeapMusic.com. The books are available both in print and in PDF format.

Beginning Jazz Clarinet Studies, Volume 1
Beginning Jazz Clarinet Studies, Volume 2
Beginning Jazz Saxophone Studies for Alto, Volume 1
Beginning Jazz Saxophone Studies for Alto, Volume 2
Beginning Jazz Saxophone Studies for Tenor, Volume 1
Beginning Jazz Saxophone Studies for Tenor, Volume 2

Beginning jazz clarinet and saxophone books“Dr. Coughlin offers a concise and fun approach to beginning jazz clarinetists that gets right to the point and has the student playing immediately from the first page. . . . This series offers an excellent and easy to use hands-on approach for beginning clarinetists to develop the fundamentals of playing jazz. It is nice to see an author/player/teacher focusing on the youngest clarinet students, giving them a chance to get hooked on this wonderful music at the earliest stages of their musical development.”

- John Cipolla’s review of the Beginning Jazz Clarinet Studies in The Clarinet -
The official magazine of the International Clarinet Association
March 2008, Volume 35, No. 2

Read John Cipolla's entire review

Beginning Clarinet Book

The Beginning Clarinet Songbook is a simple, step-by-step approach to learning how to play the clarinet and how to become a better musician, too. The book is accompanied by online educational tools and helpful hints. The entire book is song-based with duets at the end of each lesson. Learn more about the Beginning Clarinet Songbook at www.SkyLeapMusic.com.

The Interactive Clarinet Fingering Chart is a printable PDF that is very easy to use and features images of a clarinet instead of the circle and dot method found in most clarinet books. Find out more about it at www.TheClarinet.net.

Christmas Duets for WoodwindsChristmas duets for woodwind instruments

Each book features 25 Christmas carols that are arranged specifically for the woodwind instruments. Every carol has at least two arrangements -- one with the melody interchanged between the parts, and one with the melody entirely in the upper line of the duet. The Christmas Clarinet Duet Book includes many simple carols that are all in the lower register, so they are easier for beginners. They are available in print and PDF versions through SkyLeap Music.

Christmas Clarinet Duet Book
Christmas Saxophone Duet Book
Christmas Flute Duet Book
Christmas Oboe Duet Book

Rhythm Books

The Fundamentals of Rhythm, book by Kyle CoughlinThe Fundamentals of Rhythm is an introduction to the basic concepts of rhythm and includes more than 450 practice patterns. Each lesson focuses on a few aspects of rhythm and has an explanatory introduction to help students learn and improve their skills. It is a print version of the website www.Rhythm-In-Music.com